Considering Plastic Surgery? Ask Yourself These 5 Questions First

Considering Plastic Surgery? Ask Yourself These 5 Questions First

Thanks to the ever-improving technological advancements in the medical field, the old stigma that people usually felt and associated with plastic surgery has been increasingly fading. Now more than ever, many have started to embrace face and body ‘enhancements’ as a mainstream popular trend, and no longer a thing of the taboo past.

In this global survey by the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS), a staggering 11.3 million surgical procedures were performed in 2019 alone, which saw an increase of 7.4% compared to the past year of 2018. 

Experts foresee plastic surgery’s popularity to continuously shoot up in the coming years as more people are becoming increasingly self-aware and placing heavier importance on looking and feeling good. Perhaps this is driven by the social media age where the pressure to always put the best face forward is unrelenting.

It could also be that the global pandemic was one of the contributing factors as well to this popularity surge as people have been forced to lock up at home, thus they have a budget set aside that was initially for another purpose, as well as having ample time that they can manage for after-care and recovery. 

If you are one of those who have been seriously contemplating getting an aesthetic procedure done, I urge you not to be so quick to jump on the trend. Or not until you have confidently answered these top five questions to ask yourself before getting plastic surgery:


What is your purpose for having plastic surgery?

Having a major aesthetic procedure cannot be done and undone in one snap of a finger. It is a life-changing decision that can affect you for the rest of your life (it could be for better or worse, depending on how it will turn out for you).

With this in mind, you must first delve into the ultimate reason why you want to alter anything in your body. Will a breast reduction ease your back pains and daily inconveniences? Will a rhinoplasty make your facial features look more balanced and help make breathing better? Will corrective plastic surgery fix an abnormality that you got since birth or a defect that resulted from an accident? 

If your intention of getting plastic surgery is just to get a ‘quick fix’ to make yourself look good or revamp a certain part of your body that you do not like, you might want to do a serious reassessment.

You see, plastic surgery is not a cure-all, magic formula for low self-regard and lacking self-confidence. Delve deep into your issues first and ask again: I am assured of myself, but will this procedure elevate the quality of my life and overall wellbeing? Am I doing this for myself or do I just want to please someone? Am I just feeling immense pressure to keep up with the unrealistic beauty standards of society?

Remember that this decision will entail a permanent change in your body, so it is not one that you should take lightly or spontaneously. 


Are you physically healthy to undergo a major operation?

A cosmetic surgeon will not just operate on anyone who wants to get things done right away. As with any medical procedure, a thorough assessment of one’s physical and mental condition is done to ensure that everything is in check before getting a green light for surgery.

The same is true before getting plastic surgery. You will have to declare your entire medical history, undergo meticulous evaluations, and in some cases, undergo tests before being declared a good candidate for surgery by a plastic surgeon. 

02 Know the risks and manage your expectations when considering plastic surgery

Know the  risks and manage your expectations when considering plastic surgery

In the end, your plastic surgeon will be the one to determine if your desired procedure is right for your needs and if you are healthy enough for it. So, it is important that you are in ideal physical condition first and declare all possible indispositions, allergies, or previous procedures done with your doctor.


Are you fully prepared for what you will get yourself into?

Plastic surgery procedures that are done by certified professionals generally go successfully well. Even so, it is still best to manage your expectations and be fully aware of all possible risks before undergoing a procedure.

As with any other medical operation, plastic surgery may have plausible complications like infection and bleeding, depending on what type of procedure you are having. Also, scars should be expected. Scars may turn out as subtle hairlines that can easily be concealed, but they can also result in raised or broad ones, so it is best to know beforehand where the scars will likely be placed.

It is important to prepare yourself for all the what-ifs and make sure you set ample time to discuss in-depth with your plastic surgeon all possible risks and limitations so that you will not end up being disappointed with the final result. 


Do you have the time and resources for recovery? 

Depending on the procedure you are getting done, you may need several days or weeks to completely recover. Major surgeries would even take months before you can see and fully enjoy the final result.

Aside from the expected bruises or pain discomforts, you may also be restricted from doing your usual strenuous activities. If you have children to care for or house chores to routinely do, it is best to plan on getting an extra hand to take care of the extensive domestic work and errands while you take the vital downtime to rest and recover.

If you are fortunate to be or have been working remotely on a work-from-home setup, you may not need to apply for substantial vacation leave or off days as there is no need to go out. Video calls or online meetings can still be done if you don’t have post-operation traces in view, or the video can be turned off altogether. 


How do I choose the right cosmetic surgeon?

Having a permanent, life-changing surgery is not something you want to put in the hands of an unlicensed or self-declared ‘specialist’. 

03 Choose the best plastic surgeon so you don’t end up disappointed with the final result

Choose the best plastic surgeon so you don’t end up disappointed with the final result


After all that has been considered and done, it is of utmost importance to choose the best plastic surgeon that is board-certified, has a good reputation, and is eager to listen and answer your questions. 

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