All You Need To Know About An Internal Breast Lift

All You Need To Know About An Internal Breast Lift

Thousands of women undergo cosmetic surgery to correct breast problems every year. While many people are familiar with traditional breast surgery options like mastectomy or breast augmentation, fewer know about the option of internal breast lift.

Some women choose internal lift surgery to help regain their youthful shape and bounce. Though internal lifts aren’t new, they can be an effective option for women who need internal breast implants or internal mesh. Here’s what you should know about internal lift surgery. 

What is an internal breast lift surgery?

An internal breast lift (also known as an internal bra) is a procedure designed to help women who have lost breast volume and firmness due to pregnancy, breastfeeding, weight loss, or aging. The internal breast lift surgery procedure consists of a mastopexy, the internal portion of the surgery consists in elevating the nipple and breast from behind with internal supportive stitching.

An internal breast lift is commonly known as a “TUBA” (trans-umbilical breast augmentation) or “Endoscopic Inferior Pedicle Breast Lift.” An internal breast lift surgery procedure is a type of internal surgical breast lift that does not require an incision in order to reposition the internal tissue and muscle under the skin.

A traditional or external lift reshapes the breast tissue itself by removing excess internal and external breast skin that causes sagging. An internal lift is performed beneath the internal breast tissue to remove excess internal tissues, such as fat and glands, which cause internal sagging and ptosis.

Internal lifts tighten internal structures using permanent or elastic sutures and can also reduce the internal diameter of internal breast tissue. The internal lift technique that tightens internal structures is called Wise Pattern internal lift surgery.

The internal breast lift recovery process involves sutures that are designed to dissolve on their own after several months. Even though internal lifts are minimally invasive surgeries, they can still require four to six weeks for an internal incision to heal. As internal lift sutures dissolve, internal breast tissues will begin to tighten and internal breast volumes will be adjusted accordingly.

Women may choose internal breast lifts to help them look and feel better about their breasts, even if they do not want the scars of a breast augmentation procedure.

With internal bras, women can enjoy results similar to those seen after an external breast lift with the added benefits of less risk and shorter recovery time.

The internal breast lift surgery can be done using either a dual plane technique or circular technique. This all depends on how severe the excess breast skin and droopiness is, so once your plastic surgeon evaluates you, they’ll come up with which best suits your needs.

Women can use internal bras to treat their breasts before having another procedure (such as breast augmentation, tummy tuck, or facelift) performed.

Studies show internal bra procedures result in more consistent and tighter skin around the breast, helping internal bra patients maintain a youthful appearance.

What causes breast sagging?
What causes breast sagging?

What causes breast sagging?

As women age, their skin loses elasticity and they begin to develop excess breast skin. Internal sagging is the formation of excess skin under the internal breast tissue. Breast sagging can give the chest a deflated appearance, which is why many women choose internal lift surgery to treat internal sagging in addition to internal breast augmentation.

Internal lift patients are typically in their 30s through 50s when they undergo internal lift surgery procedures. During this time, aging leads to internal breast sagging, which is internal breast ptosis. Ninety percent of internal lift surgeries are performed in order to treat internal sagging.

Who is a good candidate for this procedure?

The internal breast lift surgery procedure may be used to treat conditions that are not medically “serious” but which impair the internal function of the breasts through their resulting internal effects. As such, internal breast lifts can be used to treat sagging or drooping breasts even if there is no medical reason for this.

Patients who choose internal breast lift surgery to improve the internal appearance of their breasts usually fall into one or more of the following categories:

  • non-smokers
  • women who have completed their families and do not plan on having additional children in the future. 
  • women who have confidence issues from sagging breasts
  • women who want to improve breast shape


The internal breast lift surgery procedure is a cosmetic surgery, rather than a reconstructive surgery technique so it is not used to treat medical conditions such as internal “stretch marks” from pregnancy, internal “loose skin” from weight loss.

In addition, women who have been diagnosed with any type of internal disease or abnormality should not have internal breast lift surgery done. Also if the patient is taking certain medications then it is best to avoid internal breast lifts.

Internal Breast Lifts can create more support for the chest area
An internal breast lift can create more support for the chest area.

What are the benefits of an internal breast lift ?

Some of the benefits associated with internal breast lift results include:

  • internal rejuvenation -can be used to restore internal volume to drooping breasts, which may make breast size appear larger and improve breast contour.
  • internal reshaping – if sagging or drooping has caused an asymmetrical internal shape to the breast, the internal lift can be used to correct this so the newly shaped breasts have a more youthful breast contour. 
  • internal improvement in symmetry – if one of the breasts is lower or different in shape, internal lifts may improve the symmetry between them.

How long does the recovery process take?

The internal lift incision heals faster than a standard incision because internal surgery is less invasive than external surgery. The internal portion of the internal breast lift surgery procedure tends to be painless. Patients usually experience some soreness in the surrounding areas, including the armpits and ribs after internal lifts, but this is minimal.

Surgery times vary depending on the type of internal lift procedure that is performed. An internal Lift technique called Wise Pattern will take longer than traditional internal lifts or internal vertical-scar techniques because of the additional work necessary to tighten skin and muscle, but internal lifts are generally short surgeries. Internal breast lift surgery times will usually range between one and two hours.

During the internal lift procedure itself, patients can expect to wear a surgical bra for up to six weeks. During this time, normal daily activity is encouraged; however, time should be taken to avoid any discomfort or pain in the breast area. Most internal lift patients can expect to be able to return to work between two and five days after surgery as long as activities such as heavy lifting are avoided.

What are the risks associated with the surgery?

As with any surgery, internal breast lifts carry with them the risk of infection and internal bleeding. Possible risks associated with internalized procedures are tearing stitches near internal organs and lung complications during recovery because- unlike external lifts- they require general anesthesia to properly take place. Other than that, though, there are no real side effects for internal breast lift surgery done by a great board-certified cosmetic surgeon.

Internal lifts are minimally invasive internal surgeries that can create significant changes in internal breast shape over time. Internal lift surgery patients typically expect internal lift results after the internal lift recovery process is complete, but many internal lift patients are pleased with internal lift results even before internal lift sutures dissolve completely.

Breast augmentation internal lifts are the most common internal lifts performed, but internal breast implants are often necessary in order to raise internal tissue enough to create a defined internal lift result. Internal lifts provide excellent options for women who want internal breast augmentation without external incisions and scars.

Internal lift results vary depending upon internal breast size, internal tissue characteristics, and internal lift techniques. Because internal lifts do not use any external incisions and internal sutures dissolve on their own after several months, internal lift surgery is a very natural-looking internal surgery option for women who want internal breast augmentation that does not compromise internal or external breast volume.

Surgeon preparing to perform an internal breast lift surgery
Surgeon preparing to perform an internal breast lift surgery.

How much does it cost?

Normally internal breast lift surgery costs on average AED 25,000 – AED 37,000 (USD 7,000 – USD 10,000). Costs largely depend on your unique situation and the procedures involved in acquiring your desired look and shape.

Internal Breast Lift Surgery in Dubai

Internal breast lift surgery is a procedure that lifts the breasts to a more youthful shape. It’s cosmetic surgery, but it can also help with some medical problems like back pain or breathing difficulties. The benefits of internal breast lift surgery are many—the risk for complications in this surgical procedure is low, so your best bet to feel better about yourself may be getting an appointment today!

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