5 Benefits Of Surgical Bodybuilding

While working out doesn’t necessarily reflect overall wellness, having a fit body is still associated with being healthy. This is most likely the reason why people undergo cosmetic surgical treatment for their calves, biceps, and abs. Cosmetic procedures designed to enhance overall appearance can supplement exercise when the latter alone isn’t enough to achieve the ideal look you’ve been aiming for.


What is Advanced Surgical Bodybuilding?

Advanced Surgical Bodybuilding is a combination procedure that aims to sculpt the muscles so that they become more prominent. The procedure combines Vaser Hi-Def Liposuction and intramuscular fat augmentation.

Liposuction surgery

Advanced Surgical Bodybuilding combines Vaser Hi-Def Liposuction and intramuscular augmentation.


The most common areas subjected to Surgical Bodybuilding are the obliques, biceps, triceps, lats, pecs, deltoids, and of course, the abs. Through the procedure, these muscle areas can be emphasized to the point that people might think you’re a competing bodybuilder.

The procedure is conducted by using Vaser Hi-Def Liposuction to sculpt the muscles and make their forms and shapes more visible. Several layers of the tissues are probed by the Vaser equipment using ultrasonic energy. The device then releases the viable fat globules to bulk up the target areas. 

After treating the target muscles, a traditional cannula for liposuction is used to extract the remaining fat. This process chisels away unwanted fat, fine-tuning the muscular structure to give its shape enhanced prominence. 

The whole process does more than just simple liposuction. In traditional liposuction, the goal is only to remove unwanted and stubborn fats. In Advanced Surgical Bodybuilding, the muscles are sculpted to become more visible.

Surgical Bodybuilding is a complex procedure that cannot be done by any cosmetic surgeon. A specialist equipped with the knowledge and experience in conducting both Vaser Hi-Def and traditional liposuction is required to be able to properly complete this body sculpting procedure.



Benefits of Surgical Bodybuilding

Why get surgical bodybuilding? Is it the right procedure for your body goals? Let’s discuss the benefits of surgical bodybuilding.


Get those six-pack abs hassle-free

Diet and exercise alone might not be enough to create the ideal outcome you have in mind. Genetics also plays a role in how physically fit you can be. Sometimes, the shape and definition of the muscles you get may not be up to your expectations, and this can lead to disappointments. 

You know how much work it takes to carve out that six-pack. But not all abdominal muscles are the same, and some people’s abs are just naturally less visible. 

But don’t lose hope! You can still get these abs through surgical bodybuilding. 

Surgical bodybuilding is a straightforward procedure like liposuction. In this procedure, a surgeon strategically removes fat cells to carve out the abdominal striations, leaving some fat over the actual muscles for a more defined look. A more advanced procedure would involve transferring the removed fat cells to the abs to give them a more toned emphasis.  


Boost your mental health

When you improve your physical appearance, you naturally become more confident and satisfied about how you look and feel. There is no greater motivation than admiring the individual in front of the mirror. So, when you choose to undergo surgical bodybuilding or any other cosmetic surgery procedure, you can also benefit from the boost in mental self-portrait and confidence that the results provide. 

Get more confident after the surgical bodybuilding procedure

If you’re body-conscious, you might lose confidence if you come short of achieving the body you’ve been aiming for. Low self-esteem can affect the quality of the other aspects of your life like work and relationships. 

Plastic surgeons fully understand the psychological implications of being unsatisfied with how you look, which is why they put in their best effort to listen to your goals for coming to them. Through Surgical Bodybuilding, you can regain your lost confidence when you see your expertly sculpted body in the mirror. 

Low-risk surgery

Advanced Surgical Bodybuilding is a treatment that has been proven safe and effective countless times. The science behind it checks out to be efficient in chiseling out and fine-tuning the body.

The risk that a complication may arise from the procedure is less than 1%. Under the hands of experienced and highly-trained cosmetic surgeons, this figure becomes even lower. So long as you have a board-certified doctor specializing in Surgical Bodybuilding on your side, you have nothing to worry about the procedure.


Better option than implants

You might be thinking of getting implants to enhance the size and shape of your muscles. However, this might not be the best option because the result may not be proportional to your body frame, and this can cause problems with your posture and comfort. 

Surgical bodybuilding is an all-natural cosmetic treatment

Although implants are generally safe to use, the thought of introducing an artificial component to your body can be unnerving. You might think that you have to go through this ordeal if you want to achieve your dream body shape as there’s no other way you know of.

Surgical Bodybuilding is an alternative to get a lean and toned body without the need for implants. It’s a more natural solution for enhancing your body shape while maintaining a proportional frame. 


Fast recovery period

While the recovery period of each patient can be different, it will generally take only a day after the procedure for you to be able to get up and walk around. Showering may be allowed two to three days after the surgery, depending on your doctor’s recommendation.

The larger the area that underwent the treatment, the longer the recovery time required before you can go back to your usual activities. You most likely won’t be able to work for the first week or two after the treatment. You’ll also be limited from exerting too much pressure on your muscles because they’ll still be sensitive from the operation.

Overall, it will take around two or three weeks before you’re fully recovered. 

Does it sound too long? Two weeks is the average recovery time for procedures like Surgical Bodybuilding that involves multiple muscle areas. Also, two weeks is a good tradeoff for achieving the best form you’ve ever been — something you won’t be able to attain within the same period through exercise and diet alone.


Surgical Bodybuilding At Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeons Centre

Surgical Bodybuilding is designed to create a sharp definition between the muscles, giving you a more toned and athletic look. It does more than just what liposuction can provide as it fine-tunes your physique. By augmenting muscle areas and then tightening the skin around them, you get a more fit appearance that might not be possible to achieve through diet and exercise alone. 

To achieve the best results, you should look for a reputable cosmetic surgeon who has conducted the procedure countless times. There’s no better place in the UAE to find high-caliber doctors than Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeons Centre

Our state-of-the-art facility is manned by capable staff and renowned doctors who can expertly conduct complex procedures such as Surgical Bodybuilding. Clients from all over the world go to our clinic because of our reputation for providing highly satisfactory results.

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