Brazilian Butt Lifts Are More Popular Than You Thought

Brazilian Butt Lifts Are More Popular Than You Thought

In 2019, an estimated 28,000 Brazilian butt lift surgery had been performed for that year alone. The average number of people who want to receive buttock augmentation treatment in Dubai is projected to continue rising as more plastic surgery methods enter the scene. 

With the help of today’s technology and the professional expertise of cosmetic specialists, the demand for buttock lift procedures continues to increase. But there are other reasons for its jump in popularity and they will be discussed in this post.


Why Is It Rising in Popularity?

Buttock lift procedures have always been popular, but they seem to be gaining more ground in the past years due to several factors. Here are the major influences to its rising recognition:


Two cosmetic surgeries in one

Brazilian butt lift in Dubai can be considered a 2-in-1 procedure. It eliminates fat in other areas of the body and injects it back into the buttock to add volume and shape to it. In short, it consists of both liposuction and buttock augmentation in a single cosmetic procedure. 

Brazilian butt lift is a two-step cosmetic procedure as it uses liposuction and fat transfer to reduce the size of one area and enhance the shape of another. The treatment can correct sagging or unbalancing butt cheeks which normally happens as people age. Sometimes, the disproportion is caused by genetics or lack of exercise. Whichever the case is, buttock augmentation procedures aim to make anyone look better, curvier, and more confident.

Celebrity influence

Celebrities are very strong influencers, so when they reveal their openness to getting aesthetic surgery, people see this as a confirmation that it is okay to get plastic surgery themselves. In some cases, they can also indirectly motivate people to get cosmetic surgery by presenting beauty standards achievable with the help of the doctor.


Celebrities have a huge influence in enticing people to improve their physical appearance

Celebrities have a huge influence in enticing people to improve their physical appearance


For instance, Jennifer Lopez, who is known for having a gorgeous backside, often becomes the center of attention whenever she wears dresses that flaunt her assets. For women who want to get the same level of recognition from others, may choose to undergo buttock augmentation treatment in Dubai to enhance their backside and make them more confident to wear the same dress that celebrities like J Lo do.

Shift in perspective

Back then, plastic surgery was frowned upon by people, deeming it as an unnatural and unnecessary way to alter physical features. But as people worldwide become more open-minded, they become more accepting about the cosmetic operations others went through. 

Body diversity is more widely accepted today. Gone are the days when the ultra-thin frame is more preferred on the runway over someone with a curvier figure. 

The shift in perspective when it comes to beauty standards has empowered women to be more proud and confident of their bodies. At the same time, they now understand that they have total control over how they want to look, so they can freely pursue buttock augmentation and other cosmetic procedures to achieve the figure they want.


It is natural

Some buttock augmentation procedures available in Dubai make use of silicone implants to give the butt a firmer, plumper appearance. Silicone implants are generally safe to use, and those used for buttock lift are designed to withstand deformations. Those who have allergies to silicone will want to get a more natural solution to achieve the butt shape they desire.

Brazilian butt lift is considered a natural buttock augmentation treatment because it uses the fat from the patient’s body to enhance the size and shape of their bottom. This means there is a very low risk that their body will reject the fat transfer. 


It does more than enhance the butt

A common misconception with the Brazilian butt lift procedure is that it aims to greatly increase the size of the buttock, to the point that it may look unnatural. However, this is not always the case as doctors still recommend increasing the size proportional to the overall body figure. 


Buttock augmentation in Dubai does more than improve the size and shape of the butt


Brazilian butt lift does more than just give the bottom a nice shape. It can make the arms or waist slimmer, further accentuating the shape of the butt. Overall, it creates better curves and a more streamlined look.



Primary Market of Buttock Lift in Dubai


Social media has a strong influence on the beauty standards of the younger generation. Millennials want to have the same look as those they follow on Instagram, Snapchat, or Facebook. Some doctors even said that they had patients who wanted to look as good as when they had their camera filters on.

Getting approval on social media has made cosmetic surgery more popular than ever among the younger population. For instance, followers — and sometimes even influencers — undergo aesthetic surgery like buttock augmentation to make them look better in the photos they post online. They feel rewarded if more people praise or like their new appearance.

Women over 40 years old

There has been an increasing number of women over 40 looking at cosmetic procedures to maintain their youthful look. No one can blame them because cosmetic surgery can really make anyone look young, fresh, and rejuvenated, especially with the multitude of techniques and technology available today.


Butt lift for older women Dubai

Women want to look young and fresh, regardless of their age


Women who want to reverse the signs of aging, the pull of gravity on their skin, or the post-pregnancy aftermath look for capable cosmetic surgeons who can do the work for them. Many of them also want to look like how they did in their teens, seeking procedures like Brazilian butt lift in Dubai to achieve a slimmer, curvier, and sexier look that defies their age.


In the entertainment industry, celebrities have to maintain their figure or risk jeopardizing their career. Aside from diet and exercise, some undergo cosmetic procedures to stay in top shape. 

A number of celebrities have been open about getting Brazilian butt lifts and other buttock augmentation procedures. Stars like Kim Kardashian, Amber Rose, Kylie Jenner, Kailyn Lowry, and Virginia Gallardo confirmed having butt augmentation treatment to help them maintain their curvy bottoms.

Where To Get Brazilian Butt Lift in Dubai

There have been many cautionary tales about getting a Brazilian butt lift in Dubai and other cosmetic procedures. People are warned about getting botched and undesirable results, especially when tricked by unlicensed plastic surgeons into getting the treatment. In rare cases, the desire to look sexier and more beautiful cost the lives of patients who unknowingly put their trust in incapable doctors who have no experience in plastic surgery.


Get Brazilian butt lift procedure from a trusted clinic like BHPS

Get Brazilian butt lift procedure from a trusted clinic like BHPS


Always look for a trusted provider of Brazilian butt lift treatment in Dubai like Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeons Centre by Cocoona. We are the leading institute for cosmetic surgery in the UAE with state-of-the-art technology and five-star service that will make you feel comfortable and safe before and after the treatment. We have a team of board-certified and highly experienced plastic surgeons with proven results from satisfied patients. We also invite celebrity cosmetic surgeons who are renowned in their fields for having treated high-profile individuals from various international communities.

Do not risk your physical and mental health by getting a Brazilian butt lift in Dubai from cosmetic clinics beside us. Here at Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeons Centre, we guarantee a successful operation and satisfactory results that will bring out the best version of you. 

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