Brazilian Butt Lift VS Butt Augmentation

Brazilian Butt Lift VS Butt Augmentation

Do you want to improve the shape of your buttocks? If so, do you consider getting an implant or do you prefer a more natural way to augment the size of your bottom? 

Having a shapely derrière is one of the beauty standards that many people aspire to attain. Currently, there are two popular methods to enhance your butt: one is through the Brazilian Butt Lift procedure, while the other is through buttocks augmentation. 

What’s the difference between these methods? Which one should you get?

This article will help you understand which is which so you can choose the appropriate procedure that will help you with your aesthetic goals.


What Is a Brazilian Butt Lift?

The Brazilian Butt Lift is a procedure where fat is transferred from one area of the body into the butt. Usually, the excess fat comes from unwanted areas like the abdomen, thighs, or arms.

Curvier bottom with Brazilian Butt Lift

The Brazilian Butt Lift is a two-part technique that involves liposuction and fat injection. During the procedure, fat is harvested first through liposuction. The fat collected is then purified and sterilized before it’s injected into the butt.

Low risk of rejection

Since the fat comes from your body, there’s a low chance that you’ll have adverse reactions to it.

A better overall shape

Under the Brazilian Butt Lift procedure, fats from other areas of the body are grafted, giving that portion a slimmer and more toned look. This means that not only will you get shapelier buttocks but also a trimmed stomach and thighs to improve your overall form.

Minimal incisions

The procedure doesn’t require large incisions that are visible even from afar. Brazilian Butt Lift needs only minimal incisions for taking out fats and injecting them into the buttocks.

Lasting results

Unlike other butt enhancing surgeries with results that deteriorate over the years, the Brazilian Butt Lift method guarantees longer-lasting results. Some fat loss is normal after the procedure, but once you’ve recovered, the fat will become a natural part of your body.

Natural-looking results

Since your fat is the component used to augment your butt’s size and shape, it will look and feel more natural compared to artificial implants.



You may have to take whole-day rests, especially during the first few weeks after the treatment. You’ll be asked to limit sitting to avoid stressing the operated area.

Fat reabsorption

Usually, the doctor estimates how much fat will be reabsorbed by the body, so they’ll overfill your bottom to make sure it will still be in the best shape possible once you recover. However, your body might reabsorb too much fat, slightly changing the expected size of the butt after the procedure.


One of the few requirements for getting a Brazilian Butt Lift is the elasticity of the skin. The skin should be good to moderately elastic to accommodate the addition of fats. Another requirement is that you must have enough viable fat that can be grafted and injected into the buttocks.

What Is Butt Augmentation?

Butt augmentation, also known as gluteal lift or buttock lift, is a surgical procedure for enhancing the shape and size of the buttocks with the help of implants. The implants are usually filled or made with silicone which is a sturdy material that doesn’t easily get deformed even under stress or pressure.

Butt augmentation

The procedure is best suited for women who have experienced significant volume loss and have sagging skin on the buttocks area.

During the procedure, incisions are made along the upper contour of the butt. This makes it easier for the doctor to remove any excess skin and place the implants in the appropriate area to create a ‘lift’.

Perfect for slim individuals

If you don’t have excess body fat enough to fill your buttocks, then implants can compensate for this and still give you the size you aspire for.

More size and shape option

Since the size of your bottom won’t depend on how much fat can be taken from your body, you have the freedom to choose how big you want your bottom to be. You can dramatically increase the size of your buttocks as long as your body can handle the changes.

More pronounced shape

Implants have a more definitive shape, giving your bottom a rounder and curvier form. Compared to Brazilian Butt Lift wherein fat gets reabsorbed by the body, the implant will remain as is, so you’re more likely to see the actual results match the  expected results prior to the procedure.

Unnatural look and feel

Although the result of butt implants often looks natural, they might sometimes feel unusual because they’re not originally part of the body. Also, if the doctor isn’t that good, the outline of the implants might be slightly visible through the skin.

Risk of rejection

Since the implants are not a natural part of the body, adverse reactions may occur. Experiencing capsular contracture is one of the risks that you have to be aware of. It happens when the tissue around the implant hardens, squeezing it against other parts of the body. It can be painful at times, and in worse cases, cause deformities in the affected area.

Moving out of position

The pressure and force you put on your buttocks when sitting or doing other activities might shift the position of the implants. This can result in an uncomfortable feeling and cause deformities in the overall shape of your buttocks.


Which Procedure Should You Get?

As you can see, the main difference between the two butt enhancement methods is the use of implants. Brazilian Butt Lift uses your body fat to improve the shape of your bottom, while traditional butt augmentation techniques use silicone implants.

Both methods are safe and proven effective. The choice will depend on your aesthetic goals and your body’s capacity to handle the changes.

A credible cosmetic surgeon will recommend you the most appropriate size and shape of the buttocks that will remain proportional to your body form.

Buttocks enhancement should not only give you a bigger derrière but also improve your overall figure, so getting the right doctor to do the procedure is a vital decision.

Be careful in your choice of facility and doctor when getting butt implants. Some unlicensed providers offer cheaper ‘alternatives’ that they claim to be safe.

Injecting non-sterile silicone components can be life-threatening. Make sure you get your butt implants only from registered cosmetic centres with board-certified doctors.


Get Yours At Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeons Centre

Whether you prefer Butt Augmentation or a Brazilian Butt Lift, either method requires an expert cosmetic surgeon who has done the procedure countless times. The choice of surgeon and facility matters if you want to get excellent results with little complication.

Butt enhancement at Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeons

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We aren’t hailed as the top cosmetic centre in the UAE for nothing. Our facility is equipped with the latest technologies for conducting butt enhancement procedures and other cosmetic treatments, so rest assured you’re in good hands in choosing us for achieving your aesthetic goals.

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