Reduction of Labia Majora via Extension Perineoplasty

Labia majora (labium majus) is the large, hair-covered skin of the pudendum that covers and protects the other external genital organs. The shape of this region varies from female to female.

Labia majora is made up of connective tissue which is derived from two different tissues. The outer layer or superficial fatty layer consists of fat whereas the inner layer called the vascular zone contains the superficial and deep vascular plexuses (blood supply). The transfer to this region can be done safely by preserving both these sets of vessels. This way it offers minimal complications like painful scar sensitivity, abscess formation, hematoma etc. Stretching during delivery results in enlargement of labia majora, subsequent pregnancies worsen it further leading to a situation where the inner lips of labia majora meet and overlap while standing giving an appearance of a single lip.

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