Breast Enlargement or Reduction

Breast reduction surgery reduces the size of your breasts. It can also create a breast shape that looks more natural or balanced with your body type. Breast reduction can be desired to alleviate symptoms caused by large, heavy breasts that may not be proportionate to a woman’s frame. Some women feel uncomfortable due to their overly large breasts even if they are within the normal weight range. This is particularly common among athletes and other women who must exercise rigorously or compete athletically. In addition, some women find it difficult to find clothes that fit properly because of their excessively large chests.

Breast enlargement surgery increases the size of your breasts. Women who have small or drooping breasts may want to increase their breast size by about 1 or 2 cup sizes (for example, from an A-cup to a B-cup). Other women with normally sized breasts but without nipples or areolae desire those features on larger breasts. Some people also refer to this as “brestrogeness.” To further explain this, imagine waking up one morning with no nipple and having them magically grow back later that day; obviously it wouldn’t be like finding a quarter under your pillow or winning the lottery for most women, but it could make you feel more confident in social settings. It is important to note that it may be difficult to predict the final size of your breasts before surgery.

The surgical procedures are usually performed under general anaesthesia in ambulatory surgery facilities or in hospitals. Breast reduction is more invasive than breast enlargement, requiring an incision with its risk and recovery implications (e.g., pain, swelling, loss of sensation). The incisions for breast reduction extend around the nipple-areola complex in a circular pattern while breast augmentation has smaller incisions in the inframammary fold where they are less noticeable once healed. This also allows for better access to mammary gland tissue than when compared to “breast lift” which typically requires multiple small periareolar incisions resulting in more post-operative numbness.

Also, breast reduction is more extensive than breast augmentation, removing more glandular tissue and skin than fat tissue on the breasts. This will prevent some of the problems associated with overly large breasts which can be very difficult to fix if patient is left with excess breast skin after their weight loss or pregnancy related weight gain has been resolved. Not only are these procedures expensive, but you would need multiple surgeries over time to correct the same issue as your ideal body weight continues to change due to aging and inevitable fluctuations in metabolism (and other factors).

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