Breast Uplift & Nipple Correction

Nipples pointing downwards (“sad nipples”) Nipples pointing sideways (“banana shaped nipples”) Pigeon-breast (overlapping breasts) Prominent/enlarged areolas Many different combinations of the above mentioned problems can occur, making each breast unique. The main cause for these types of problems is a constant stretching and tugging of the nipple tissue inside the mammary gland during breastfeeding . This results in permanent damage to small blood vessels within the connective tissue which surrounds the mammary glands, causing them to lose their strength. Another cause is that due to gravity , or just because your breasts have a lot of tissue, they may sag and stretch the nipple downwards over time.

Breast uplift and nipple correction can be done by surgically removing excess skin and tissue from your breasts, lifting the nipples to a higher position (or re-positioning them), reducing or enlarging the areola (the pigmented skin surrounding your nipple) and finally resizing them to fit the breast size. Sometimes it has been observed that in large breasted women , even though their breasts look normal in size and shape, large nipples could result in an ugly appearance which can be scaled down with proper nipple reduction.

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