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Implant removal and replacement (also called explantation) is the delicate process of removing an existing implant from the breast. This may be done to replace or remove implants that are broken, leaking, encapsulated in scar tissue, too large for your body frame, misshaped or otherwise problematic. It can also be performed when a woman decides she no longer wants or needs implants in her breasts. Although most quality surgeons will agree that you should not have implants removed unless there is a good reason to do so, some women simply decide they aren’t comfortable with their decision to get them put in and want them out again.

There are many reasons why women choose to undergo explant procedures. A surgeon can recommend explant if they feel that your implants are encapsulated, you’re experiencing pain or discomfort, they’re hard and un-bendable, ruptured without leaking fluid, have hardened scar tissue around them or if they feel it would be best for your health. Any of these issues can cause an implant infection and ultimately require the removal of the implants to prevent further problems.

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