Pure Tumescent Liposuction

Pure tumescent liposuction is a gentle way to remove fat from your body. The technique involves the injection of a mixture of salt water and epinephrine (adrenaline). It’s called “tumescent” because it makes the tissue swollen or “tumescent”. This prevents bleeding during surgery. The saline solution can also be used as a medium for easy removal of fat – the solution is able to stay in the area where it has been injected for several hours after surgery, making it possible to make more precise incisions with less pain.

The small incisions avoid visible scars on most parts of the body. Pure tumescent liposuction doesn’t leave any scarring on treated areas. These are typical results after only one treatment session.

Pure tumescent liposuction is always performed under local anesthesia, or an intravenous sedation, to ensure complete safety and comfort for the patient. The whole procedure takes less than two hours to perform on average, depending on the body part(s) where pure tumescent liposuction is applied. Pure tumescent liposuction has the following advantages over other types of liposuction: there are no visible scars in treated areas, patient can return to normal activities one week after surgery, no foreign material (cannulas) are left inside the body after surgery – this prevents so-called “double chin” appearance which occurs when saline solution cannulas remains in the tissue after surgery, the goal is only to remove fat cells – this results in less swelling and discomfort.

After pure tumescent liposuction, patients can resume their usual activities one week after surgery. The downtime like bruising, swelling and pain varies between individuals but usually diminishes within two weeks. Patients are able to return to any physical or demanding activity after 6-8 weeks depending on the part(s) of the body treated with pure tumescent liposuction. Pure tumescent liposuction can be repeated several times because it doesn’t destroy the fatty tissue – unlike traditional liposuction where there is no guarantee that you can have more than 2 sessions without destroying your fat layer completely.

Normally a single session is enough to get permanent results in most people.

Preparation for pure tumescent liposuction is the same as any other kinds of lipoplasty, like traditional liposuction or water assisted liposuction. The doctor will need to know your medical history (for example if you are taking medication). You must stop taking some medications before surgery, like blood thinners (i.e. aspirin), anti-inflammatory drugs and even supplements containing Vitamin E should be stopped at least two days prior treatment date. In addition, it’s important that you follow these recommendations: no smoking for a minimum of three weeks prior to surgery, do not take aspirin products before surgery, avoid aspirins and other NSAIDS which can increase the risk of bleeding, completely fast before surgery.

The patient will need to eat a light meal two hours prior to the procedure and then nothing but water or juice for at least six hours after that. The doctor may recommend taking a blood-thinning medication up to one week before the treatment session. If you take insulin, you need to stop taking it for a minimum of five days prior to surgery because high level of insulin can cause problems during anesthesia which can be life-threatening. All medications have some side effects so it’s important that your doctor knows all medications which you are currently on as well as those taken in the past – this includes prescribed as well as over-the counter ones as well as dietary supplements or herbal preparations.

Your body mass index (BMI) must be between 25 and 35, depending on the amount of body fat you have. If your BMI is higher than 35, you will not be a suitable candidate for this procedure. Your skin must also be at least somewhat elastic – if it’s too loose or too tight, then additional surgery may be necessary to tighten it before liposuction can take place.

One of the most important factors in preparing for pure tumescent liposuction is finding a qualified physician who specializes in this particular technique. In addition to professional experience, make sure that you choose a doctor who will perform only one session per area of the body – multiple sessions can increase risks as well as reduce overall effectiveness because each time there’s scar tissue which interferes with the liposuction procedure

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