Thigh Lift


Thigh lift is a surgical procedure used to improve the contour of the thigh area. This operation is mostly required by people who find themselves extremely self conscious about their thighs, finding them too saggy or wrinkled. The fat that gathers on the inner and outer thighs won’t bother everybody, but for those who are bothersome, it may be an idea to consider this cosmetic surgery.

There are 2 types of thigh lift surgery, the “inside leg lift” and the “outside leg lift”. The inside thigh lift is usually done to remove skin from each inner thighs. This type of reduction works well for people who have a lot of excess skin on both sides. The outside thigh lift which is really not an inside or an outside but instead it targets one side by removing fat and tightening muscles. This procedure can be used when there are hanging folds in only one area of the thighs. People who are extremely thin might not get much benefit out of this type of surgery, because their level of loose skin will likely be less than someone that has more weight on them.

The incision for the thigh lift surgery is usually made from the knee up, around the groin area with a second incision from the hip down. This allows for more extensive tissue removal if needed and will make it easier to remove excess skin in this region. In some cases liposuction will be used before or after this procedure to help smooth out areas that need more sculpting.

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Quick Facts

General Anesthesia

2 - 3 hours

1 - 2 weeks

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