Dr. Yamini was recognized in 2012 on with the Patients’ Choice 5th Anniversary Award, a recognition granted only to those doctors whose ratings have reflected excellence in care for five years in a row. Only 1% of all doctors in the United States are bestowed this honor by their patients.

Dr. Yamini received two Bachelors’ degrees from Stanford University, in Biology and Psychology. While at Stanford, Dr. Yamini focused on merging the study of human biology with adult and child psychology. In fact, Dr. Yamini was a part-time instructor at the prestigious Stanford Bing School for Children to study child behavior and development.

While attending the rigorous Harbor-UCLA surgical training program, Dr. Yamini proved to be an outstanding clinician, surgeon, and scientific researcher. His six years of training afforded him command of a host of surgical disciplines, including breast, open-heart, thoracic, vascular, and oncology surgery. In addition, he developed and honed his enthusiasm for plastic surgery under the supervision of the prestigious UCLA plastic surgical faculty.

Dr. Yamini’s Specializations

With double board certification in plastic and general surgery under his belt, Dr. Yamini possesses over two decades of professional experience and has performed over 6,000 cosmetic procedures to date. His many global clientele includes Hollywood celebrities and A-list personalities.

Among a number of non-invasive and surgical cosmetic procedures he is expertly capable of, Dr. Yamini’s specialization is cosmetic plastic surgery to enhance the face, breasts, and body while making them as natural-looking as possible. Below are just some of the procedures done by Dr. Yamini at Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon Center by Cocoona:

Dr. Dan Yamini is a highly experienced plastic surgeon who has undoubtedly mastered his breast augmentation techniques over the years. His countless procedures in this field consistently result in a high level of satisfaction among his patients due to his mastery of producing well-hidden incisions, as well as customized implants that are tailor-made to fit each patient’s body type and desires.

Armed with in-depth knowledge and the latest state-of-the-art equipment, Dr. Dan Yamini works hand in hand with each patient to achieve their most desired contoured body through the method of liposuction. This safe and effective procedure that he has done countless times is sure to yield excellent and long-lasting results.

Bella Sculpt

Dr. Dan Yamini is a plastic surgeon who takes pride in producing results that are characteristically very natural in appearance. His signature procedure, Bella Sculpt, removes excess and unwanted fat through body contouring by liposcution, and transfers the fat to the buttocks for a curvier body shape.

Dr. Yamini is a highly-skilled plastic surgeon who can do all these and more. Book a consultation to know more about how he can help you achieve your goals. With his guidance and expert counsel, know the right kind of corrections and enhancements that will suit you best.

Some of Dr. Yamini's work

Dr. Dan Yamini is a world-renowned plastic surgeon committed to his surgical philosophy of always providing patient safety, comfort, and satisfaction. He takes much fulfillment with the trust of his patients, thus he is devoted to imparting extreme care and attention to detail with his every procedure, all while trying to achieve the most natural-looking results possible.

View the recorded visual proof of some of Dr. Yamini’s work:

Client Testimonials

Over the years, Dr. Yamini has greatly contributed to countless scientific journals and publications, as well as shared his knowledge on many cosmetic and plastic surgery-related lectures. He also had several media features and appearances including the Entertainment Tonight, Dr. 90210, KTLA Morning Show, The Los Angeles Times, Elle, Health & Fitness Sports, The Aesthetic Surgery Journal, and many more.

Dr. Dan Yamini’s career as a plastic surgeon has born countless awards and achievements, one of which is the designation of belonging to the Top 10 Doctors” and “Patients’ Choice” on, an honor given to physicians chosen and consistently given top ratings by millions of patients.  Read on below what some clients have to say about Dr. Yamini and his transformative works:

Breast Augmentation
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"I had an incredible experience!

I have had the most delightful experience with Dr. Yamini. He is extremely competent, caring, diligent and intelligent. Hi staff and him are consistently on top of their game. I had breast augmentation with him about 8 years ago and have been so pleased with the result that I have referred many friends to him, all of which have thanked me for the introduction. Not only has my life changed..."
Brazilian Butt Lift
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"38 Yr Old Lipo to Waist Flanks and Back and Fat Transfer to Hips

After years of consideration I finally found a doctor I trusted and felt saw my vision. I wanted subtle natural looking results. I already had a bubble butt, but wanted to round out the sides and create more hips. This is exactly what my doctor did. Hopefully results will last as its only been 3 weeks. I'm hopeful they will. In hindsight I wish I would e done my arms too. But I was..."
Tummy Tuck
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"Dr. Yamini is an Artist!

I lost close to 65 pounds and found myself with a lot of unwanted, loose skin. Even when I held in my stomach, my lower abdomen was large, flabby, and pronounced. I found Dr. Yamini by researching the surgeon who revised Tara Reid's botched surgeries. Dr. Yamini's partner was the brilliant surgeon who did those revisions, but while on their website I found I preferred Dr. Yamini's aesthetic..."

Dr. Daniel Yamini at Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon Centre by Cocoona

Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon Centre by Cocoona is the leading institute for cosmetic surgery in the Middle East, and among our elite lineup of world-renowned surgeons is Dr. Daniel Yamini. Under his esteemed expertise and commitment to every patient’s comfort and satisfaction, you are guaranteed a luxurious beauty experience like no other.

Contact us to book an appointment with Dr. Yamini during his limited time visits in Dubai, and ensure to secure a consultation or treatment schedule before his elusive available slots run out!