The Effects Of Plastic Surgery On The Quality Of Life

Effects of Plastic Surgery

Have you considered getting plastic surgery? You may have heard of feedback from friends or celebrities about how it made them more confident and accepting with their appearance. Reviews and testimonials on the internet are easy to find and you may have read about them when searching for the best cosmetic treatment that will bring you closer to your beauty goals.

Whichever the case is, you may have seen the effects of plastic surgery on the quality of life of the patients that underwent cosmetic procedures. To help you ascertain the things you might have read or heard about cosmetic treatments, it would be best to learn about the scientific studies that support the claims of patients.


Most Sought-After Cosmetic Treatments

The top cosmetic procedure varies per country and region. In the US, Botox injections and breast surgeries are the most popular procedures. In the UK, Germany, and Ireland, lip fillers, Botox, and hair transplants sit at the topmost spots in the ranking. In France and Spain, rhinoplasty and liposuction dominate the top ranks.

Anti-aging facial treatments rank among the most requested cosmetic treatments

Anti-aging facial treatments rank among the most requested cosmetic treatments

The number of people undergoing cosmetic treatments continues to increase worldwide. Seeing celebrities undergo cosmetic treatments contributes to the openness of people to get plastic surgery.

While it was predominantly women who get plastic surgery, there is an increasing number of men who are becoming more open to aesthetic treatments. Both men and women who are seeking to improve their physical appearance find cosmetic treatments, either surgical or non-surgical, to be the most effective methods to achieve their ideal body.


The Advertised Benefits and Disadvantages of Plastic Surgery

What are the claimed effects of plastic surgery on patients in relation to their quality of life?

Plastic surgery confidence

Patients enjoy being more confident with their overall appearance

Enhanced physical appearance, improved health, boosted confidence, and positive psychological effects are said to be the results of successful cosmetic treatment.

Semi-permanent to permanent outcomes of some procedures also reveal the practicality of undergoing plastic surgery, especially if the ultimate goal of the patient is to improve their appearance for good.

On the other hand, recovery time, social acceptance, and possible depression due to failure to meet aesthetic expectations are the negative effects of plastic surgery on patients.

The risk of getting botched results is very low, especially when the surgery is done by a licensed and experienced plastic surgeon. Still, those that experienced surgery mishaps said that the negative impact of the operation changed their lives forever.

Anecdotal reports, reviews, and feedback cannot be completely taken as sufficient evidence to evaluate the impact of cosmetic interventions on the quality of life of patients.

The results of scientific studies are more reliable as the basis in determining the effects of plastic surgery on the daily life of patients because the research is more controlled and defined.


Studies on the Effects of Plastic Surgery on the Quality of Life of Patients

Here is a compilation and brief description of published studies on the impact of cosmetic interventions on the daily lives of patients who underwent aesthetic treatments.

  • A study made on patients, 88% of which were women and the remaining were men, showed that the majority of them considered their quality of life to have improved after getting plastic surgery. This group received facial aesthetic procedures, the majority of which were rhinoplasty and anti-aging treatments. While male and female patients have different criteria that the treatments needed to meet, the consensus of the group pointed to the positive effects of plastic surgery.


  • Research on the effects of plastic surgery shows that cosmetic interventions with more drastic results like rhinoplasty require greater psychological adjustments from patients. Restorative procedures that are mostly non-surgical like facelift, need lesser time for patients to adjust and get back to their usual state.Still, some patients disclosed that the effects of plastic surgery harmed their quality of life. Upon further inspection, most of the dissatisfied patients had unrealistic expectations about the outcomes of the procedures, to begin with.


    In rare cases, some never got satisfied with cosmetic interventions. Even when the treatments had great outcomes, these patients always seemed to look for more. These people were presumed to be suffering from body dysmorphic disorder (BDD) which is a mental health condition wherein they have an uncontrollable urge to worry about their appearance. Those who are suffering from BDD mostly have a negative outlook on their quality of life, even before they underwent plastic surgery.


  • Studies on the effects of plastic surgery show that cosmetic interventions improved the quality of life for the majority of the patients. A random selection from more than 1,700 studies conducted on the topic yielded results about the positive effects of plastic surgery on the quality of life of the patients. Reduction mammoplasty and breast surgery procedures had the biggest impact compared to other cosmetic treatments in the selected studies.


More rigorous studies need to be done, but reports are already showing the positive effects of plastic surgery both on physiological and mental health.

While there are relatively few studies on the effects of plastic surgery on the quality of life of patients, those that are available mostly pertain to a singular result – that they are experiencing the positive effects of plastic surgery through increased self-esteem and confidence.

Quality of life is a vital consideration in determining the success of cosmetic surgery procedures. But due to the use of different measurement techniques, subjective responses, and lack of in-depth research on the topic, it is hard to compare the outcomes of the thousands of studies made on the subject matter.

Majority of patients said they were happy with the results of the treatment

Majority of patients said they were happy with the results of the treatment

Still, the majority of patient responses point to the positive effects of plastic surgery on their physiological, psychological, and social wellbeing. The results can be roughly described as having the majority of those that underwent cosmetic treatment considerably satisfied with the outcome of the surgery.


Where to Get Cosmetic Surgery

To rule out the impact of having an inexperienced (or worse unlicensed) doctor as the cause of the negative outcome of plastic surgeries, you should get a licensed, established, and experienced cosmetic surgeon to do your treatments.

Additionally, getting treatment from a reputed facility greatly reduces the risk of life-threatening situations due to the lack of equipment to handle such circumstances.

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