Getting Plastic Surgery From American Doctors Outside The US

Getting Plastic Surgery From American Doctors Outside The US

Are you aiming to get plastic surgery, but wanted to have it done in the US? The problem is, entering the country is making it hard for you to achieve your beauty goals.

Luckily, there’s a way to undergo cosmetic procedures from the best American Board-certified plastic surgeons without having to go through meticulous travel restrictions.


The Popularity of Medical Tourism

Medical tourism is about receiving medical care outside your country. Studies show that cosmetic surgery is one of the most popular treatments that people seek from American doctors outside the US.


Cosmetic surgery is the most popular treatment outside the US


One of the primary factors why people seek healthcare services outside their countries is the cheaper rates. Some countries offer more affordable packages while providing the same level of quality service.

Another factor is cheaper travel and lodging fares. It can be more expensive to travel to the US and stay there for a few weeks compared to other countries where you can get the same cosmetic treatment.

Lastly, it can be just about the difficulty of entering US territory. It can be hard to enter the country just to receive cosmetic treatment, so people look for alternative locations where they can get the procedure done.

However, there are risks involved in seeking American doctors outside the US.

The biggest of them is the danger of getting surgery from an unaccredited facility from an unqualified doctor. This can result in botched results, or worse, life-threatening outcomes.

Another one is the possibility of getting counterfeit or poor-quality medications from clinics that you’re unfamiliar with. Some cosmetic centres lure foreign patients with incredibly cheap rates that are too good to be true.

Be wary of these tricks that are designed to let your guard down in seeking certified doctors to conduct safe procedures at registered clinics.


Tips In Seeking Medical Treatment Outside The US

Before you book a plane and go to another country to receive treatment from American doctors, consider the following steps to make your experience more worthwhile.


  • Seek the advice of a medical professional first at least 4 weeks before your travel to discuss any related information regarding your journey. Usually, the doctor will tell you about the risks involved, the steps you have to go through, the precautions you have to take, and the requirements you have to complete to make the trip smoother.


  • Check the qualifications of the doctor that will be doing the procedure, as well as the credentials and reputation of the facility you’ve chosen. The standards for healthcare providers and facilities might be different there from what you know of. 



  • Make sure you have a written and signed agreement with the facility where you’ll be undergoing the surgery. The document should contain all information about the treatment, doctor, supplies, insurance, and costs covered by the trip.


  • Communication between your doctor and the staff is important before, during, and after surgery. Your doctor will most likely speak English, but the staff might not. Make sure that communication won’t be a problem when you get there.


  • Take all copies of your medical records with you. These will help doctors understand your condition and any allergies you have against certain medications before the operation. Similarly, obtain all copies of your medical records from the facility before you leave and return home. You’ll need these for future reference and treatments. 



Why Choose American Board-Certified Doctors?

Board certification in plastic or cosmetic surgery ascertains that the doctor is trained and licensed to conduct facial and body procedures. Aside from this, they also know how to handle emergencies even under intense pressure.

To sum it up, board-certified doctors have the skill and experience to handle cosmetic procedures with full accountability.

It’s obvious why you should pick a board-certified doctor. But why do they have to be American or certified by the US medical board?


The face of success after treatment


American Board-certified plastic surgeons are licensed by the American Board of Plastic Surgery (ABPS) – the only body recognized by the American Board of Medical Specialties to accredit doctors for conducting plastic and reconstructive procedures, including cosmetic treatments.

To be certified by the ABPS, doctors must undergo at least 5 years of surgical training at an accredited medical centre. Their residency must involve the extensive practice of plastic surgery. Additionally, the doctors must pass written and oral exams before they become licensed plastic surgeons.

Board-certified surgeons understand everything about the body and how ventilation, circulation, and fluid and electrolyte balance affect the changes they make on their patients.

They’re required to continue education to stay updated with the latest trends in cosmetic surgery. They can only operate in accredited healthcare facilities.

But because of the lucrative industry of cosmetic surgery, many doctors claim to specialize in plastic surgery even if they trained for another specialty.

Patients who aren’t aware of this often find themselves unsatisfied with the results of the procedure, with some ending even in worse shape than before.

Some countries allow any licensed doctor to call themselves cosmetic surgeons even if they only had informal training or even no specialization in plastic surgery at all. This can be confusing to patients who have no idea how to distinguish the doctor’s credentials.

It’s normal to ask your doctor a ton of questions, including their credentials. Don’t hesitate to ask whether they’re board-certified by the ABPS. Those who aren’t hiding anything will openly provide you with their license as proof that they’re trained professionals accredited to conduct cosmetic and plastic surgeries.


American Doctors At Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeons Centre

The Middle East is one of the leading regions when it comes to medical tourism. People from multicultural backgrounds fly to healthcare facilities here to conveniently receive quality treatment.


Board-certified surgeons in Dubai


Among the clinics available in the region, Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeons Centre is the most trusted and reputed institute to seek cosmetic surgery procedures. Here are the reasons why we’re proud to say so:


American-board certified doctors

Here at Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeons Centre, we have American Board-certified doctors who specialize in cosmetic procedures. We have doctors specializing in cosmetic surgery, gynecology, dermatology, and hair transplant procedures.


Celebrity cosmetic doctors

We also regularly invite celebrity cosmetic surgeons who specialize in a wide variety of beauty procedures. They’re well-known in their respective fields and are highly acclaimed for their incomparable surgical skills and aesthetic sense. Some of their clientele includes Hollywood celebrities, royal family members, international artists, and other world-renowned figures.


Equipped with the latest technology

We use the latest technologies and cutting-edge techniques to provide service with the highest safety standards and produce natural-looking results. You’ll receive the same level of treatment we give to celebrities, promising you an experience you’ll never get from other cosmetic centres.


Assistance for a smoother experience

If you’re looking to get plastic or cosmetic surgery from American Board-certified doctors, we are the best choice to contact. We’ll assist you through the whole process, providing you with all the steps you need to follow to make the procedure smooth and hassle-free.


Communication is easy

Communication won’t be a problem because we have staff and doctors who are native and fluent English speakers.


We aim to be the leading cosmetic surgery centre in the Middle East. So you know you’re dealing with a cosmetic institute fully equipped to handle the most popular and cutting-edge cosmetic procedures of today. Let us help plan your trip. Send us a message or call us at +971 58 517 8001 and tell us about your aesthetic goals.

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