The Ultimate Guide To Looking Your Best on Video Calls

The Ultimate Guide To Looking Your Best on Video Calls

Video calls are nothing new. It’s been around for quite some time but it is only until recently that virtual calls became a part of practically everyone’s daily routine. The global pandemic forced the world to stay indoors, giving rise to work-from-home setup, and converting a majority of face-to-face interactions virtual.

Be it for business meetings, classes, conferences,  job interviews, even social gatherings and weddings, they are now getting done online. Video calls have become the glue holding relationships together and keeping people and businesses connected in this social distancing age. Now that we’re more than a year into the pandemic, going virtual is definitely the new normal and it looks like it is here to stay for the long run.

That being said, the majority of us are still going to be using video calls for quite a long time so we need to pay more attention to presenting ourselves in the best light. Sooner or later, the novelty of video calling will fade off, and the poor video quality and awkward antics that we used to find funny will soon be annoying, especially in business and formal settings. By now, we’ve probably been on hundreds of video calls to know that some people could do with a few tips on how to look their best on video calls. Trust me, when you are doing video calls daily, you wouldn’t want to look into distracting, unaesthetic views the entire time either (I’m talking double-chin, nostrils, and messy rooms!). The good news is, you don’t necessarily have to be tech-savvy to look your best on video calls. Read on for the ultimate guide on looking your best on video calls before you hit that call button!


#1 Choose The Best Spot And Tidy Up!

First things first. Choose the best location in your home office that will provide good acoustics and background. Your location can set the tone of the image you wish to project, and could also affect your disposition so you would want to be as comfortable and settled in as possible. 

Some may not realize it but the people you’re in a call with will tend to be naturally curious about what they see in your video frame. You can always opt to have a virtual background, but if that doesn’t work for you, make sure what they can see behind your back is neat, presentable, and associates well with the appearance and personality you want to set off. A messy room spells unprofessionalism, while unnecessary and inappropriate items can be very distracting. If there are any distractions around you such as toys scattered all over, make sure to clean them up before going on a call. Keep unnecessary items hidden within drawers or off frame entirely.


#2 Good Lighting Makes All The Difference 

The quality of your video call depends a lot on how good the lighting around you is. Ideally, look for a well-lit spot in your home or office. You’d want to avoid dark rooms and windows since the glare from the sunlight will be so overwhelming it could distract you from everything else going on during the call. 

Never position yourself against the light, or have any light source coming directly behind you if you don’t want to look like a strange, dark silhouette on screen. If possible, look for natural light streaming in from windows rather than lights that are too bright or dimmed. Avoid direct sunlight coming through your window though because it could make you look dull and pale – even with makeup! Fluorescent lights can also be quite harsh on skin tones so avoid them if you can. 

If you don’t have any natural sunlight or if you are doing calls in the evening, it’s best to invest in a good quality ring light or a desk lamp that you can position in front of you for the best results. Careful not to let shadows fall on your face though as it can highlight those dreaded under-eye bags. An evenly dispersed front-facing light can do wonders in clearing up your skin and brightening up your eyes, accentuating your most flattering features on the camera.

Good lighting and camera placement can make all the difference
Good lighting and camera placement can make all the difference

#3 Elevate, Elevate, Elevate 

Everyone knows that in a face-to-face meeting, eye contact is a requisite. This is no different than in video calls, so it is of utmost importance to elevate your camera to eye level. You wouldn’t want anyone looking at your double-chin or up your nose the whole time, would you?

Whether you are using a laptop, a tablet, or a mobile phone, you would look so much better when the camera is at your eye level or higher, which means keeping it raised rather than shooting from below. If you are using a laptop or tablet, don’t hunch over it. Elevate it by putting it on top of a stack of books or something similar so the camera is at your eye level. If you are using a mobile phone, consider using a phone stand or a tripod to secure it in place and also to keep it from toppling over while the call is ongoing.  

As much as possible, remember to look at the lens when you are speaking. This is why keeping your camera at eye level is ideal since your eyes will naturally gravitate towards looking directly on it, rather than to the side, or any point on the screen. Other than looking so much better in video calls, you will also exude connection to your listeners when you look into the camera as it would appear as direct eye contact. When it’s your turn to speak, fixate your eyes on the camera hole and not pass it, or worse looking at the image of yourself on the corner of the screen as this will be quite obvious. If you get distracted by your image preview, you can always hide it from view. Just don’t forget that the camera is rolling and you don’t want to get caught not paying attention, or worse, doing something embarrassing.

While you’re at it, be mindful as well of how far or near your face is to the camera. Ideally, the best video frame proportion is just below your chest to a couple of inches above your head. Never too near that your face is cropped on video.


#4 Be Early And Come Prepared

Just as you would in a face-to-face meeting, make sure to look your best for video calls by having everything in place before the call starts. Before hitting the join meeting button, make sure to test your mic, speakers, and most importantly, preview your video. It’s funny how some people act so surprised when they hit the start video button, getting caught off guard with their appearance on the screen. Your camera is not a mirror so don’t attempt to fix anything in your hair and face while you’re already on the call.

Fundamentally, you should act like you would when you are in an actual, in-person meeting. Your lighting, camera angle, makeup, hair, and clothes should already look their best so there are no distractions within view because it will help maintain composure. Additionally, plug your charger and have your choice of beverage ready so you will have no reason to get up or move around.


#5 Appearance Matters and Body Language Still Transcends Virtually

Just because you are working from home doesn’t mean how you look won’t matter anymore. Setting off a good impression by dressing up appropriately is just as important as in an in-person meeting. You may not be fully aware but it can affect your psyche too! Dressing up appropriately can put you in the right mood. When you are wearing appropriate office clothes, you will feel more in tune with being in a professional work mode, as compared to when you are in your pajamas.

Keep in mind though that when doing video calls, dressing appropriately also means considering how your outfit will look on the screen, as not all colors and prints would work well. Do not wear something similar to the color of your background if you don’t want to appear like a floating head. Neon, bright colors, or too dark colors would look glaring on camera, while loud patterns would appear too flashy. The most ideal colors would be those of neutral and pastel tones.

Don’t forget that your body language still transcends through the camera, and other people will be aware of your movements. Remember to keep your composure and confidence, and be aware of your facial expressions (don’t squint at the screen!). Mind your posture, do not shuffle around, pay attention, and don’t be distracted from doing other things while you are on the call. You wouldn’t want to look like you are not listening, thus looking unprofessional.


#6 Set The Best Impression 

Let’s face it, everybody wants to look their best on camera. When it comes to makeup, you don’t have to go the whole nine yards as it most likely won’t be seen on camera. The aim is not to look oily and pale, so a powder, blush, and lip tint will do for the basics. A bit of concealer and mascara will do the trick to brighten up your eyes. Cameras will tend to wash out colors though, especially if your light is too bright, so you can go a bit darker with your lip color and cheek blush. 

For some video conferencing platforms, there is actually an option to filter or touch up your appearance to have a softer skin effect. However, there’s only so much you can do to try to filter out your look. In today’s social media age where appearance and image are everything, taking care of your skin and facial features is more important than ever. Still, nothing beats the confidence of having such great skin and a beautiful face that you can be confident to show off in video calls no matter the time and place!

To always look your best, nothing beats feeling your best
To always look your best, nothing beats feeling your best

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The good thing about video calls is you can get better with practice, the more frequently you do it. Fundamentally, you just have to remember to stay professional and confident, and the simple tips on lighting, camera placement, and being prepared will get you a long way. 

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