The Top 10 Health Benefits Of Intermittent Fasting

Benefits of Intermittent Fasting

Fasting is often included in diet regimes to achieve a slimmer and more toned shape. The practice is believed to be a catalyst for burning body fats, helping you lose weight in a shorter period.

But is this belief about fasting proven by science? What are the health benefits of intermittent fasting? Are there advantages you should be aware of that will make you consider this practice even if you’re not aiming to lose weight?

Here are the top 10 benefits of intermittent fasting you should learn about:


Changes body chemistry

Several changes happen in the body when you fast.

For one, your body starts important repair processes including the elimination of waste material from the cells. This process is called autophagy and it involves the breaking down and metabolization of defective protein components that tend to build up in the cells over time.

Increased autophagy activity can provide protection against illnesses like cancer and Alzheimer’s disease.

Another benefit of intermittent fasting is the drop in insulin levels. When insulin level is low, the body’s ability to burn fat becomes more efficient. The rate of release of growth hormone also rises several times, helping burn fats faster and increase muscle gains.


Makes you lose weight

Perhaps one of the most sought-after benefits of intermittent fasting is weight loss. If you want to supplement exercising to lose weight, fasting is one of the best ways to do this.

Weight loss is one of the primary benefits of intermittent fasting

Weight loss is one of the primary benefits of intermittent fasting

Taking in fewer calories while letting your body burn stored fats create a compounding effect that accelerates weight loss.

According to studies, intermittent fasting increases the body’s metabolic rate by up to 14%. This means your body burns more calories while you reduce calorie intake.

Another study on intermittent fasting and weight loss, reveals that you can lose up to 8% of your weight within 3 to 24 weeks of fasting.


Improves your curves

Since weight loss is one of the benefits of intermittent fasting, you’ll see significant changes in your overall body size and shape. Excess fats under the arms, neck, and belly will start to disappear as you get slimmer.

The result of research on the benefits of fasting reveals that those who consciously skipped meals observed up to a 7% reduction in their waistline. Losing belly fat is not only good for your figure but also for your health since excessive fat can cause certain diseases as you age.


Benefits muscle gain

Compared to continuously restricting calorie intake, intermittent fasting causes lesser muscle loss. This is vital when you are trying to look more ripped since you don’t want to lose muscle mass along with excess fats.

While fasting will not necessarily cause muscle loss, proper exercise is necessary to increase muscle mass.

Reduces the chance of getting diabetes

Type 2 diabetes happens when the body starts to produce insufficient amounts of insulin needed to function properly. Alternatively, it can also be caused by the body’s inability to utilize glucose in the blood and use it as a fuel for energy.

One of the benefits of intermittent fasting is lowering blood sugar levels, thus helping to prevent the onset of Type 2 diabetes. Studies on fasting show that it can reduce blood sugar levels by up to 6% and insulin levels by up to 31%.        

Another benefit of fasting is how it can also protect against kidney diseases which is one of the severe complications of diabetes.


Reduces stress levels

Stress not only makes you age faster but also causes various chronic illnesses.

Fasting can reduce stress levels

Fasting can reduce stress levels

Reducing the number of carbohydrates, fat, and sugar consumed for several weeks enhances the brain’s ability to think. Having a clear mind leads to better emotional control, thus reducing stress in the long run.

Another benefit of fasting is its impact in managing the release of cortisol produced by the adrenal glands. Stabilizing the circulation of this hormone in the body leads to lower stress levels.


Prevents heart disease

Heart disease is one of the biggest causes of death all around the world. It is encouraging to learn that its risk can be minimized through intermittent fasting.

Studies show that fasting may improve risk factors like blood sugar, LDL cholesterol, blood triglycerides, and blood pressure. Keeping these factors at normal or lower levels reduces the chance of suffering from heart disease.


Enhances brain function

Improving metabolic function is found to also impact brain health. Reduced oxidative stress, blood sugar, and insulin resistance are some of the known benefits of intermittent fasting that help increase the growth of nerve cells, thus enhancing brain function.

An experiment on the effects of fasting reveals that the brain releases a protein that’s critical for learning and memory. This component also makes the neurons more resistant to stress.


Extends lifespan

One of the most anticipated benefits of fasting is its presumed ability to help you live a longer life.

Studies on intermittent fasting show that it extends lifespan similar to how continuous calorie restriction does. The average extended length can be quite dramatic, with some research on fasting showing that the test subjects who fasted lived longer than those that didn’t. This is one of the main reasons why fasting is very popular among people practicing anti-aging regimes.

Stimulates healthier skin development

Aside from improving weight loss and reducing the risk of certain diseases, one of the most looked forward benefits of intermittent fasting is its effect on skin health.

Younger and healthier skin is one of the benefits of fasting

Younger and healthier skin is one of the benefits of fasting

Controlling calorie intake through intermittent fasting increases stem cell production which then boosts cell growth. Fasting can also improve the appearance of acne which is often triggered by the consumption of specific foods.

Too much sugar intake can damage the collagen due to the harmful components that form in the bloodstream when protein or fat is combined with sugar. A published journal article states that eating habits affect the accumulation of these damaging components, which is why fasting can greatly improve skin complexion.


Plastic Surgery To Supplement Intermittent Fasting

Weight loss is one of the key benefits of fasting. Intermittent fasting and skin health are also linked together, giving people more reason to try out this diet regime. More than the health benefits, people who undergo fasting aim for one thing: to achieve a shape that’s more physically attractive.

Intermittent fasting can only do so much to your skin and weight, even if you add proper skincare and exercise to the equation. Also, you might not be allowed to fast due to a medical condition or some other circumstances. In these cases, the best way to overcome these roadblocks is through plastic surgery.

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