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Find Best Plastic Surgeon

The number of people undergoing plastic surgery is increasing, with over 17.1 million treatments done in 2016. This implies that more people are getting interested in cosmetic surgery and wanted to have a feel of the experience firsthand.

However, you must be cautious in picking a professional to do the work. Plastic surgery continues to draw in more people, making this specific medical field more lucrative than ever. Being an in-demand and profitable industry, doctors — and even non-doctors — who are ill-trained and unequipped with the appropriate knowledge and experience in cosmetic surgery, get on board to take advantage of the trend.

Meeting face to face with the specialist can help you distinguish whether they are a legitimate expert in the field. But you don’t have to go that far if you research thoroughly about the doctor or the clinic where you chose to undergo the cosmetic procedure.


Choosing the Right Cosmetic Surgeon

Your choice of cosmetic surgeon is a decision that can affect you for a long time since they will be the ones who will do the improvements to your body. Undergoing surgery in the hands of an unlicensed or unskillful ‘specialist’ will only bring regret. Aside from the damage to your self-confidence that a botched procedure can cause, you’ll also have to deal with the lost time and money spent on the treatment.

To save you from the trouble of dealing with doctors who claim to be ‘specialists’ in cosmetic surgery, deal only with an authorized and trustworthy medical institute like Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeons Centre by Cocoona.

Here are the things that will convince you why we are the best choice to seek for cosmetic surgery procedures:


We have a strong patient base

Each customer is special to us. We will always treat you with utmost care and find every possible way to give you a satisfactory experience. Our highly competent experts are always ready to give you their best so that you’ll get closer to your beauty goals.


We have board-certified cosmetic surgeons

A doctor’s board certification is the best indicator of his or her training in a particular medical field. 

At Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeons Centre, we have a team of highly qualified, versatile, competent, and well-trained professionals. These experienced plastic surgeons are licensed to perform cosmetic surgeries on a regular basis. 


We offer a wide range of aesthetic procedures

Our highly experienced and board-certified doctors can handle a wide variety of cosmetic, gynecologic, and dermatological procedures. We guarantee to bring only excellent results that will make you look your absolute best. 


Lip fillers is one of the most in-demand procedures from our cosmetic surgeons

Our board-certified surgeons can handle a variety of cosmetic procedures.


Some of the aesthetic procedures we offer include, but are not limited to:


We cover the most popular fields for aesthetic surgery

As the leading aesthetic surgery institute in the Middle East, we specialize in the most in-demand areas that our clients always look for.


Cosmetic dermatology

From skin problems such as acne, eczema, and psoriasis, to age-related skin issues like sagging, wrinkles, and facial lines, our well-equipped dermatologists have comprehensive knowledge on what to do to treat them. 

Our service increases self-confidence as we bring out both the skin’s beauty and health with long-lasting results.


Cosmetic gynecology

Another service that we provide is cosmetic gynecology. The procedures under this special area are dedicated to correcting and enhancing female genital structures. Our cosmetic surgeons focus on giving you the confidence and satisfying feeling that comes from restoring your sexual appeal.


Cosmetic surgery

Our cosmetic surgeons are focused on repairing, reconstructing, and improving your physical appearance using a variety of techniques honed through years of surgical experience. We are known for being able to merge medical science with the art of aesthetic restoration to bring out results that will reveal the best version of yourself.


Hair transplant

Hair transplant is the solution to stop receding hairline and achieve a fuller, thicker hair volume. It’s growing in popularity because it provides lasting benefits that over-the-counter products fail to give.

The procedure itself involves the transfer of grafted cells from areas of the body with healthy hair to portions with less or no hair. The presence of healthy cells in the affected area stimulates growth, resulting in greater hair volume.


We do not oversell our services

While it’s rare to see plastic surgeons oversell services more than what you have agreed with, there are a few doctors who do this to earn more from the procedure. 

Some doctors might propose treatments that you didn’t request or techniques with benefits you can’t comprehend even after a clarification. When you encounter this kind of situation, it’s already a warning sign that the cosmetic surgeon is trying to oversell their services. 

It may be hard to distinguish whether your doctor is trying to oversell their services or they’re genuinely helping you make the most out of the procedure.

For instance, there are treatments that really go well together and help you achieve a better appearance. An example of this is facelift and eyelid surgery which both result in making you look several years younger than your actual age.

However, in case you’re getting rhinoplasty and then the specialist suddenly discusses doing liposuction on your thighs, you should probably look for a more credible doctor that only has your best interest at heart.

The doctors at Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeons Centre will never oversell their services to you.

We are known for personalizing our services according to our client’s objectives. Our clients love how well we listen to their stories that led them into undergoing cosmetic procedures. They also commend us for recommending the best way to go with the treatment so that they’ll achieve the best results possible. 


We make sure you are comfortable with us

One of the things to consider when finding a specialist is the level of comfort you feel when you are talking to them. You shouldn’t feel afraid, ashamed, or secretive when you discuss with them your beauty goals, medical history, and expectations on the surgery.


Talking with your plastic surgeon should be easy

It is important to find a specialist you are comfortable with.


After the initial consultation with your doctor, think about the following questions and reflect on whether you are pleased with the answers you will get:

  • Do I feel uneasy when talking to my doctor?
  • Do I believe that the doctor is giving me recommendations that go with my goals?
  • Does the doctor have a sense of responsibility that they will face any challenges head-on in case problems arise during the procedure?
  • Do I feel comfortable with the rest of the staff?
  • Can I freely ask questions and clarify things that I don’t understand with the doctor?
  • Does the doctor have the skills to do the procedure I’m requesting?


As we go beyond the ordinary, we ensure that our customers are relaxed and delighted. We have friendly and highly skilled doctors and professional staff who can certainly provide high-quality service. We establish professional work ethics and values for our admired customers.


Final Thoughts

We are confident that we have all the qualities of the best plastic surgery clinic in the world. State-of-the-art facility equipped with the latest technologies for aesthetic surgery, board-certified and highly experienced cosmetic surgeons, and approachable and helpful staff — there’s no other institute in the UAE that has everything we offer to our respected clients.

Do you want your surgery to be done by qualified, credible, and highly experienced doctors? Contact us and book your appointment now.

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