What Is Surgical Bodybuilding?

Do you regularly work out but are still not seeing that ripped look you’ve been dreaming of? It can be frustrating to undergo strict diet and exercise regimes only to come short of achieving the toned and firm muscles you expect to see.

The good news is that there’s a way to supplement your hard work to achieve that ripped physique you’ve been aiming for.


What Is Surgical Bodybuilding?

Surgical bodybuilding combines numerous cosmetic procedures to give your muscles a toned appearance. It basically involves liposuction techniques, but with more precision, to help emphasize the muscle mass and give you a ripped look.


The results of surgical bodybuilding


The abs, pecs, lats, biceps, triceps, and deltoids are the parts subjected to surgical bodybuilding procedures. These are also the best parts that define muscle mass and have the largest impact on the overall physique when properly treated.


How It Works

Surgical bodybuilding is different from traditional liposuction procedures.

In liposuction, fat is removed from the body to give you a slimmer look. It just trims away unwanted fat but is not designed to make muscle layers more pronounced.

In surgical bodybuilding, liposuction treatment is combined with ultrasound-guided fat augmentation. The deep, middle, and superficial fat layers are treated to remove the excess fat.

The process begins with harvesting fat tissues during liposuction. Any method for extracting fat can be potentially used for surgical bodybuilding procedures.

Liposuction is first performed to chisel away the excess fat surrounding the targeted muscle areas. After this, the ultrasound-guided intramuscular fat augmentation procedure is conducted to bulk up the target areas.

Fat tissues contain stem cells that can stimulate cellular growth and reproduction. Surgical bodybuilding can be used to increase muscle mass without the need for steroids and artificial hormone supplements.

The procedure poses a very low risk because only small incisions will be done on the body. It’s as safe as traditional liposuction which is already a low-risk procedure.



Preparations, Recovery, and Expectations

Set your expectations about the surgery by taking note of the following things:


Like any other cosmetic procedure, the doctor will require you to submit a complete medical history, including a list of all the vitamins, supplements, and even herbal medications you are taking. Doctors need these things to assess your current capacity to handle the operation.

To reduce the chance of complications and improve recovery time, take note of the following actions:


  • Stop taking meds

Avoid taking aspirin, ibuprofen, vitamin E, and other medications as directed by your cosmetic surgeon. These meds function as blood thinners and can cause excessive bruising or even bleeding during the operation.


  • Do not drink or smoke

Nicotine from cigarettes impair blood circulation and hampers the body’s natural healing mechanism. Alcohol, on the other hand, is also a blood thinner that can cause complications during the procedure.

Usually, the doctor will give you a list of medications, supplements, and activities to avoid days before the procedure commences.


Post-Surgery Expectations

Expect pain and swelling after the procedure. Numbness on the treated areas is normal. Pain medication may be prescribed if the discomfort becomes unbearable.


Recovery Period

The recovery rate of everyone varies, but it will usually only take a day before you can start moving and walking around after the procedure.

You may have to take a week or two from your work, depending on how much of your body was subjected to the treatment. Sensitivity on the treated areas is normal even a few weeks after the procedure. Once the sensitivity goes away, you can resume your exercise routine.


Exercise can be resumed weeks after the surgical bodybuilding treatment


Tumescent fluid normally flows a day or two after the operation. Tinges of blood on the fluid are normal, so there’s no need to be alarmed when you see some. You can take a bath on the second or third day after the procedure.

Strenuous activities should be very limited to avoid forcing the treated muscle areas.

For best results, a special compression garment is recommended to be worn for at least a month. The special clothing is designed to enhance the contours on the treated areas. 


The results of surgical bodybuilding can be seen around six weeks after the procedure. However, expect that what you see still isn’t the final form, since your body will take some more time to adjust.

The toned appearance of the treated areas will remain sculpted so long as you maintain proper diet and exercise. Watch your body weight to make sure you retain the figure you got from the surgical bodybuilding procedure.



Benefits and Risks of the Procedure

Here are the benefits and disadvantages of undergoing plastic surgery bodybuilding procedure.


Get the shape you want

With surgical bodybuilding, you can get the shape that you want. While you can get fit and slim through diet and exercise, you’ll find it almost impossible to get ripped. Plastic surgery bodybuilding can eliminate excess fats while making your muscles more defined than they ever had.


All-natural solution

You don’t have to resort to muscle implant surgeries to get more prominent muscles. You also don’t need to take enhancing drugs that can be bad for your body, especially if you have allergies or an undetected incompatibility with the medication.


All-natural abs without the help from drugs


If you’re someone prohibited by your doctor from taking steroids and similar supplements, muscle implant surgery is probably your remaining alternative to achieve the muscular built you’ve been dreaming about. Good thing there is surgical bodybuilding procedure that has been proven to be safe and effective in emphasizing your physique.

With advanced surgical bodybuilding, the aim is to strategically eliminate fat tissues to sculpt target areas and make them look better, with no need for drugs or implants.


Deal with problem areas

There might be one area in your body that you can’t get into shape no matter what you do. The hard work to build up the muscles beneath may remain covered by stubborn fat layers. Surgical bodybuilding can resolve this in no time.


Risks involved

Just like with any other surgery, there are risks involved in undergoing plastic surgery bodybuilding. This can be minimized though, by religiously following your doctor’s instructions on pre-surgery preparations.


It can be expensive

Diet and exercise don’t cost much, but there’s a limit to how good you can look with just these two methods. Surgical bodybuilding, on the other hand, can be costly, but the results outperform those that you’ve spent hours sculpting in the gym.

If you’re not sure about the cost, you can request a quote from your doctor to get an estimate. But if money is not a problem, then go for the procedure and experience a rewarding and life-changing result.



Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeons Centre

Advanced Surgical Bodybuilding is a complex procedure that requires doctor expertise in liposuction, Vaser Hi Def, and other methods for sculpting the muscles. Not many doctors have this kind of qualification, much less highly experienced ones who have conducted the procedure countless times.

Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeons Centre by Cocoona is where you can find board-certified plastic surgeons who are qualified to conduct surgical bodybuilding procedures. Our experts have received positive ratings from past patients who were fully satisfied with how we handled the operation.

Clients from all over the world visit our clinic just to receive plastic surgery bodybuilding and other cosmetic procedures designed to make you look younger, sexier, and healthier.

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